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There were three women whom Gray considered as his teachers:

1. Ur. His master. The one who taught him how to fight, how to control his powers, how to treat ice with passion, and how to appreciate the beauty of white and cold (including the beauty of stripping). She taught him what it was to protect, to sacrifice, and to be selfless.

2. Erza. His friend and comrade. The one who taught him the true meaning of family (with Fairy Tail, with Jellal, with Simon and the others). She was also someone whom he greatly admired in battle - the footsteps he sincerely wished to follow. 


3. Lucy. His wife and forever partner. The person who taught him love, who showed him the magic of embraces, of kisses, of heartfelt words, and of tender caresses.

And although she was constantly telling him these days that his knowledge about life, fighting, and relationships far surpassed hers, he would always shut her up by saying, “No. You’re still smarter than me – because when our little boy comes out, I’m sure daddy’s got a lot to learn from you.”


Based on this meme.

If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.

Words of Emotion

If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.

If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.


                           How to seduce a girl, according to Gray

Rule #1 : At the first meeting, have no secret from her.


Rule #2 : Be a gentleman : Ask for her help politely


Rule #3 : Make her feel desirable…


Rule #4 : Be worried to be near her.


Rule #5 : Offer her presents.


Rule #6 : Have a sense of humor.


Rule #7 : Never have a wandering eye.


Rule #8 : Never boast of its charm


Rule #9 : Help her in her clothing choice (?)


Rule #10 : Support her when she is irritated.


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Fanfction writers that say they will update weekly but update every other decade is why I have trust issues

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